Palio Ping Pong Expert 2 & 3.0 Paddle | Detailed Reviews In 2022

Chinese table tennis brands Palio and Expert Table Tennis offer the Palio Expert 2 and the Palio Expert 3.0 paddles.

As a result of its high control rating and affordable price, it is extremely popular with beginners and has many positive reviews and recommendations from professional coaches.

We recommend Palio Expert 2 as one of the best options for beginners because, despite its misleading name, it achieves a control rating of 10 (the highest rating).

With it, you can work on developing and improving your shots while still being able to generate a bit of spin and speed when you’re ready.

Check out this Palio ping pong review to learn more about its features.

Palio Ping Pong Expert 2 & 3.0 Racket Reviews

Palio Ping Pong Expert 2 Paddle Review

The bat has everything you need to transition from beginner to expert.

Known for their spin capability, Palio CJ8000 rubbers feature a softer sponge that maintains excellent control and feel during play.

A tacky top sheet makes producing topspin, backspin, and sidespin easy.

A complete redesign of the all-wood Expert Table Tennis blade has improved quality and feel.

The flared handle provides maximum control, improves accuracy, and makes the device easier to use.

The rubbers are also kept clean by a free Palio bat case.

There is no doubt that this racket is the heaviest of them all, which can be a disadvantage at a certain skill level, but at my level, the control and touch it offers is way beyond anything else I’ve ever experienced.

This has excellent haptic feedback (tactile), so I can tell what I did wrong in a shot.

Thus, the immediate breakthrough, within minutes, I realized what I’d been doing wrong, and guided by this feedback, everything clicked into place.

Everything worked perfectly, including my forehand loop and spins.

Because this racket absorbs my opponents’ hits, it’s never difficult for me to return their shots, even when I don’t have perfect form.

Due to the sensory feedback and the very forgiving heft, I can play better with other rackets, too, after making this breakthrough.

However, I still play best with this racket and most naturally with it because of its heft and sensory feedback.

I would say I’ve gone from 50% to 90% in terms of accuracy and consistency.

So far, I’ve been getting some lopsided wins in casual games with the new racket.

But I haven’t played in an official office tournament like famous ping pong players yet.

The accuracy and speed of this blade made us include it in our palio ping pong review.


  • Palio and Expert Table Tennis collaborated to create the Palio Expert 2.
  • Palio CJ8000 rubbers are still great for spinning and are ITTF-approved.
  • Expert Table Tennis blades have been redesigned to give players even more control and feel.
  • This is a great bat for beginners.

Product Detail

  • Dimensions: 11.02 x 7.28 x 0.91 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Blade: 5 PLAY BLADE
  • Sponge Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 0.44 pounds


As you transition from “recreational” to club tournament play, this is a great first bat to use.

This blade is quite good, and I use it with faster rubbers on a different setup.


This paddle is heavier than similar paddles but has excellent control.

There was a small problem with the rubber not being glued properly at one edge, but it worked perfectly after it was regaled and let set in the clamp.

  • Perfect for beginners
  • ITTF approved
  • Provide great spin
  • Tacky top sheet
  • Flared handle
  • Little heavier

Palio Expert 3.0 Table Tennis Paddle Review

The Expert blade kept the best features of the Expert and improved in the areas where there was room for improvement.

With a wider edge tape, the rubbers are more secure, but can still be easily removed and replaced. The case is better.

Also, the handle is redesigned.

A racket exclusive to Expert Table Tennis, the Palio Expert 3.0 is recommended for both new and improving players who want to enhance their game with spin.

With the new and improved Palio Expert 3.0 bat, players will be able to generate maximum spin from their strokes.

This is a great paddle for beginners for the price. Just to be clear, this paddle is designed for beginners.

Despite having good grip, the rubber does not bounce as much as the rubber on higher-end paddles.

It contributes to slower play as well as more control by dampening the impact of the ball.

Beginners should focus more on control than speed, and this paddle facilitates that.

I can learn and execute a lot of serves that create a lot of spin.

Paddles are well made. The paddle for me worked fine. I also did not abuse my paddle or hit it against the table.

My only recommendation is to get a paddle rubber cleaner and sponge.

As soon as I washed my rubber with mild soap and water, it became dulled.

To maintain the rubber’s grip, I recommend cleaning it before and after each use.

It is the 2nd product in our Palio ping pong review that is also designed for novice players.

It’s a simple carry case, nothing extraordinary about it, but considering I traveled with it 5 days a week, it did hold up surprisingly well.

I did not experience any zipper problems.

Dropping the case and paddle may cause damage since there is a thin layer of padding.

Its main purpose is to prevent dirt from getting into the case.


  • The third generation of Palio’s popular Expert table tennis series is the Expert 3.0.
  • There is a wider edge tape to keep the rubbers on, a better quality case to protect your bat, and a redesigned blade for improved control.
  • It is suitable for beginners. It is easy for the player to produce high amounts of spin and execute basic strokes and techniques.
  • The ITTF approved rubbers provide high levels of speed and spin, are replaceable, and are competition legal.

Product Detail

  • Dimensions: 10.31 x 7.28 x 1.1 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Blade: 5 PLAY BLADE
  • Weight 0.57 Pound


The paddle appears to be of high quality. The construction and weight are excellent.

It doesn’t take as much force to get the same shots as before because the ball spins so much more.


The rubber is beginning to separate from the blade around the other edges after six months of heavy use.

Considering how much I used this paddle in such a short time, I believe that this is normal.

With this paddle, I built a solid foundation, but now I’d rather replace the rubber with a paddle more suited to intermediate-to-pro players.

  • Provide great spin
  • Excellent control
  • Premium wood
  • ITTF approved
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Edge is not radiused


Taking note of this Palio Ping Pong Review, if you want a table tennis racket that’s built for beginners and can hone their skills, then you can’t go wrong with the Palio Expert 2.

It has been designed by table tennis players to fit individuals who are just starting, so it has a high control rating for slowing down the ball.

Amazon reviews are great, and we recommend them.

In any case, it isn’t recommended for intermediate or advanced players because you’ll need something with a higher spin rating and speed.

You will not be able to generate the spin you’re used to with more expensive paddles with this paddle since it is designed for beginners.

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