Joola Ping Pong Tables, Paddles, Balls, Nets & Cover Reviews

In the 1950s, the names Jooss and Landau were combined to create the Joola brand name and after that in 1952, Jooss’ sports department developed the first table tennis tables.

In 1963, Joola was spun off as a separate company and relocated to Godramstein as a result of its phenomenal success and popularity.

Expansion and a takeover of extra buildings didn’t keep the company from experiencing exponential growth.

Today, Joola is a trusted brand of Olympic table tennis and sponsors some of the biggest events in the world.

That includes the Olympics, the World Championships, and the US Open.

So, we can’t ignore world leaders from decades and Joola is one of them.

That’s why we are reviewing Joola in this article.

This particular review is table tennis centric.

We are going to review Joola’s table tennis tables, nets, balls and table covers.

Trust me, you can close your eyes and trust on these Joola products to enhance your table tennis abilities and secure your long-term investments.

Joola Reviews

Joola Ping Pong Table Reviews

Joola Inside – Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

Joola Inside Professional MDF table tennis table is an indoor table.

Joola Inside - Professional MDF Indoor Table Tennis Table

It comes with quick clamps used for easy and quick net assembly.

Also, this Ping Pong Table comes with a single-player playback mode for solo practice.

With this single-player mode, each table half can be completely detached and used independently as multi-purpose tables.

Joola Inside Tables are constructed with two separate sides, each that includes a sturdy undercarriage with foldable 1.5-inch steel legs and locking casters.

In addition, the Inside Table is designed so that the halves nest together for convenient, compact storage.

This table can be moved easily with three-inch caster wheels.

You can move the table as a whole or separately because each half has four wheels.

The table can be folded and easily stored as a result.

The caster wheels also feature locking mechanisms to ensure stability during play and safety during storage.

The underside of the Joola Inside table features a spring-loaded safety latch.

It prevents your table from unfolding unexpectedly and secures the tabletop into an upright position.

With its black powder-coated steel legs and rubber leg levelers.

Joola Inside’s table protects flooring from scratches and allows for custom height adjustments.

With a 3/4-inch tabletop, this table provides incredible bounce and durability.

It is an excellent table for any level of player.

With its deep blue color and white stripes silk-screened directly on the surface. T

his tournament-quality tabletop creates a smooth, durable, and consistent playing surface that will last for years to come.

In addition to the clamp-style, heavy-duty net, the Joola Inside features tension adjustments that can be adjusted in seconds.

A 1.5-inch steel tube apron assures a consistent bounce across the surface of tabletop.

Furthermore, the aprons provide additional support to ensure the tabletop remains flat and even over time.

You can show off that Joola flair on the Joola Inside apron with a black matte powder coating and silk-screen Joola logos.

All in all, Jools inside is among the world leaders for indoor table tennis tables for its durability, portability, and safety.

Moreover, Joola Inside is also covered by a 1-year of manufacturer warranty.


  1. The United States Amateur Tennis Association has approved this table, the official table brand made of the US Open and US National Championships.
  2. This MDF multi-layer painted surface is 3/4-inch-thick, making it thicker than most recreational tables and ensuring better ball bounce.
  3. Each half of the folding bed rests securely on a separate trolley system with four wheels, allowing it to be moved separately or together. The automatic anti-tilting locking device and the 4 locking caster wheels per half make the play, transport, and storage more secure.
  4. It is still possible to play table tennis without a partner with this table. Just fold one half and use the other half in solo playback mode by leaving the other half vertical.
  5. There are adjustable leg heights, so the playing surface is level.

Product Details

  • Play Dimensions: 108 x 60 x 30 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood, Wood, Alloy Steel
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor Use Only
  • Table Weight: 209 pounds


A table of this quality, at this price, and with proper packing and shipping is the one you want.

I think you’ll love it when you get it unpacked and start playing.

The design is not only well constructed but pleasing to the eye as well.

Furthermore, both the clamp-on net and tabletop as well as the hardware underneath are of good quality.


While the surface area is great for recreational players (9′ x 5′), the thickness is not standard (its 3/4″ instead of 1″) for the price point.

  • A good quality net is included
  • Easy setup
  • Easy fold-up feature.
  • Casters make moving the table easy
  • Table legs come with height adjustment feature
  • Nice bouncy table
  • Compact storage
  • Half independent playback for solo
  • Corners are not covered well

Joola Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table Great For Small Spaces And Apartments 

The Joola Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table is an excellent choice for areas with limited space or recreational activities with the family.

Joola Midsize Compact Table Tennis Table Great For Small Spaces And Apartments 

This is a free-standing table that can be used for various purposes, and it is also compact for storage.

The main feature of this table is its halves.

It comes in two halves.

Each table half is a perfect square that is free-standing and can be used in various ways, and it is also lightweight and portable.

You can use the table halves for entertaining when they aren’t being used.

This is ideal for crafts, poker, board games, or anything else you’d like to do with a casino table.

It comes almost entirely preassembled.

You can store these 2 halves of the table in closets or under the bed by folding them down like a card table. 

It also comes with net posts that are just fine for recreational and family play but not for serious players to enjoy an intense game.

All in all, it’s the best choice for recreational tennis games, but for serious Ping Pong Players, it’s not a good choice.

If you want to play some game without investing enough money, they must go for it.

Moreover, it comes with a 1-year of manufacturer warranty to give you extra peace of mind.


  1. The 36″ by 36″ storage dimensions make it easy to put in closets or under the bed.
  2. Table halves can be used as an entertaining tool when they are not in use or fold them to store.
  3. Approximately 2/3 the size of a typical ping pong table, the Midsize Table can be used in apartments, game rooms, or even kid’s rooms.

Product Details

  • Play Dimensions: 39.339.24 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Indoor Use Only
  • Table Weight: 50 pounds


It can easily be set up or taken down quickly and fits easily along a wall or in a closet.

The table top should always be protected from scratches when being stored.

A small four-door car can easily fit it inside and you can take it anywhere.


Though it is a bit short for Table Tennis, the manufacturer advertises it as a “small” version of the standard size which is wrong.

Although it’s fine for recreational family play.

  • Multiuse table
  • Best for small spaces
  • Foldable
  • 2 half sides for easy storage
  • Comes almost preassembled
  • Custom net set
  • Best for recreational family play
  • Also good for other activities
  • Not for regular ping pong players
  • Not for regular outdoor use

Joola Nova – Outdoor Table Tennis Table With Waterproof Net Set

Joola Nova is an Outdoor Table Tennis Table with a Waterproof Net Set that can withstand all weather conditions, and it is compatible with all types of tournaments.

Joola Nova - Outdoor Table Tennis Table With Waterproof Net Set

The table is specifically designed for outdoor use, as I mentioned.

An aluminum-plastic composite surface is used for the tabletop, which is resistant to warping and chipping.

The table’s undercarriage is 30mm x 30mm and powder-coated for rust resistance.

So, there is no problem with the quality.

The main feature I like, and that’s why I added this table in my list of Joola reviews, is 2 half sides.

The separate 4-wheel trolley systems that support the Joola Nova Pro Plus Table halves are easy to transport.

In addition to its use as a solo practice table, this table also can serve as a multipurpose table. 

 Nova Pro Plus Table has two foldable halves, making it compact and easy to store.

It is easy to wheel the nesting halves into tight spaces when the nesting halves are stacked.

For optimal stability and safety, each table half has four caster wheels and three locking mechanisms.

It is more space-efficient, but it is also easier to move the whole table when it is divided into two halves.

There are two anti-tilt locking devices on the table that automatically lock when folded.

They also make transporting and storing the table safer and easier.

You need to press a lever, and the table unfolds.

Moreover, a weather-resistant net is included with the Joola Nova Pro Plus Table.

Which features a screw-on design and tensioning system. The net easily assembles and is ready for use immediately.


  1. No matter the surface, the Nova Pro Plus Outdoor Table comes with heavy-duty casters twice the size of standard casters, allowing easy gliding.
  2. Each caster wheel has a locking device to provide stability during play and storing security.
  3. When you play on uneven terrain, the height-adjustable levelers on each leg come in handy.

Product Details

  • Play Dimensions: 108 x 60 x 30 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: Specifically outdoors, indoors
  • Table Weight: 173 pounds


The table appears to last a very long time without requiring any maintenance.

A convenient feature of the table is its mobility, making it easy for anyone to maneuver, including children.


As you know it’s a specifically outdoor table.

So, its surface is made of metal which gives a fast pace and less friction.

If you are a newbie, then it could be more frustrated for you in the beginning to play on this table.

  • Easy to move
  • Easy to assemble
  • Playback for solo practice
  • Tournament standard table
  • Heavy duty casters
  • Thick tabletop
  • Good both indoors and outsides
  • Gives slippery feel

Joola Ping Pong Paddles Reviews

Joola Carbon Pro Professional Racket

With this Joola Carbon Pro, you’ll get an incredibly accurate hit.

Joola Carbon Pro Professional Racket

You place the ball exactly where you want.

Compared to similarly priced rackets, it gives you one more hit under hard play.

Despite being so light, it is very easy to handle and switch from fore-stroke to backstroke.

Although the rubber is not thick, the blade feels very smooth and is sticky enough.

Although it is marketed as a high-level racket with excellent rubbers, it is actually a mid-range racket.

If you are in training for some months and you want a paddle to play with all the time in your free time, it’s a good purchase if you want to learn the technique.

You might consider a decent wood and some energy rubbers and speed if you are looking for a racket for competitions, competitive play, serious training, or just in general.


  1. The handle is flared to improve power, control, and accuracy with Joola Carbonwood Technology
  2. It comes preassembled and is perfect for transitioning from fun to competitive sports.
  3. This table tennis bat is made with ITTF-approved Joola-4-You rubber.  
  4. A high-performance rating: 98 for speed, 92 for a spin, 86 for control.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 11.42*6.69 *0.79 inches
  • Material: Carbon Fiber, Wood composite, rubber
  • Skill Level: Advance
  • Sponge Thickness: 1.9mm
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs.


You get excellent value for your money with this bat.

It is a good choice for players with a moderate skill level, since it applies spin well and absorbs it when the opponent applies it.


The price range allows you to do a little bit of everything, but not everything.

It’s okay to start with simple topspins and cuts to learn the basics.

  • Light weight bat
  • Provides good spin
  • Great grip
  • Durable
  • Certified
  • Reasonable price
  • Not for professionals

Joola Infinity Overdrive Ping Pong Paddle And Table Tennis Sets

Joola Infinity is a good choice for intermediate or recreational players with no prior exposure to blades of high quality.

Joola Infinity Overdrive Ping Pong Paddle And Table Tennis Sets

While it takes some time to master its quirks.

You’ll notice improvements in your performance every time you play because you’ll become accustomed to its quirks.

A great deal of tackiness on these rubbers gives your spins such a deep curve that you wouldn’t believe it.

The speed of your attacks is tremendous. 

It comes with an inverted surface that enhances performance and a modern flared grip that improves speed and spin.

It also reduces vibrations and enlarges the “sweet spot” for stronger attacks by covering the double wood layer of carbon-kevlar.

All in all, it’s a fast-paced paddle that recreational players and beginners can use.

For serious players, it’s fine, but it has less control.


  1. This ping pong racquet comes with all the components of a professional racquet, including a protective PVC side tape.
  2. Using Hinoki, Koto, Ayous, and two layers of Carbon Kevlar, the best combination of speed and spin is achieved.
  3. The speed is 100, the spin is 99, and the control is 92.
  4. This rubber is covered on both sides with Joola Micron 48.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 1060.25 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Skill Level: Advance
  • Sponge Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs.


It is incredibly grippe paddle, and you can put a lot of spin on the ball with this paddle.

A lot of power is behind the ball, so it jumps off the paddle.

The best part about this paddle is that you’ll never want to use another cheap paddle again.


Having a heavy hand doesn’t make the handle last very long.

So, it’s good for adults but not for heavy hands.

  • 3-star ping pong balls included
  • High speed
  • Reduce vibrations
  • Grippe
  • Not for professionals
  • Very fast to control

Joola Omega Strata 

Joola Omega is one of the best paddles for recreational Table Tennis Players.

Joola Omega Strata 

It’s unnecessary to buy an expensive paddle if you have this one.

For example, because many of Joola’spaddles are certified for professional tournament play.

This paddle feels great in your hands.

After playing with it for a few games, you will notice the difference in quality and quality.

Your spins will be smoother and faster, and you will feel more confident as you hit the ball.

It is harder to play fast with this Joola Omega paddle, although it will give you better control over where you spin the ball and how you place it.

You seem to have had better control with this paddle, possibly because of a placebo effect.

In general, whatever paddle you choose, you’ll find it more enjoyable to play, and it could be the perfect addition to your gameplay.


  1. The combination of color and design of this bat, paired with its high-quality blade and rubber, will elevate your game to the next level.
  2. In combination with a fast and lightweight ping pong paddle, the thicker 2.0mm sponge on the Riff 34 rubber provides steady control and balance to the game.
  3. Only the best materials are combined to create the perfect combination for increased speed, spin, and control.
  4. This model has 90 speed, 93 spin, and 91 control.
  5. It comes with two Joola Torrent 33 table tennis rubbers on both sides.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: 10.2 1.380.67 inches
  • Material: Wood
  • Skill Level: Professional
  • Sponge Thickness: 2mm
  • Weight: 0.35 lbs.


This paddle will not disappoint intermediate players.

Being a spin paddle, it is extremely sticky and allows the ball to spin in the most insane ways.

Any new player will feel their abilities doubled with this paddle.


Even though it is marketed as a professional paddle, it’s the best suitable paddle for recreational players and some mid-level players.

  • Lightweight and sticky
  • Provides good spin
  • Best for average players
  • Nice build quality
  • Bad smell material used.

Joola Ping Pong Balls Reviews

Joola Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls 12

For the price, Joola Training balls are pretty decent.

Joola Training 3 Star Table Tennis Balls 12

There doesn’t seem to be much difference in bounce between these balls and some pricey 3 star balls.

Because we’ve only used this ball for one evening, I cannot determine the durability yet, but so far I haven’t noticed any problems from hard hits.

Compared to Stiga 3 star balls, these balls are half the price and perform just as well.

I played with serious players in my previous club, and these were the balls they used regularly to play casual matches.

I think this ball is similar to the Stigas or even better in terms of spins.

In fact, there seems to be no difference between the two besides the price difference between Stiga and Joola.

Joola plays better and lighter than Stiga.

Stiga sometimes feels rather stiff and heavy.

Your bounce depends not only on the ball, but also on the kind of table you are using.

Our table is Stiga Advantage.

Overall, I suggest these balls since no one can really beat the price for their quality for this price range.


  1. The 40+mm 3-star practice balls are produced for advanced competitions.
  2. The .86mm official thickness, tournament weight of 2.7 grams, and regulation width of 40+ millimeters ensures consistency and durability.
  3. Designed with perfect roundness and durability, the three-star training ping-pong balls come in a set of 12.
  4. You can use Ping Pong Paddles Or Rackets to play with the balls or use the balls to play with your cats.

Product Details

  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Plastic
  • Rating: 3-Star
  • Weight: ‎ 2.7 grams


If you want to practice or have a slamming time, these are perfect.

I like the consistency of the ball thickness.

My answer would depend on what I wanted to achieve with them if you asked me if I would purchase them again.

You may want to consider something a little better and more expensive if you intend to play competitively.

If you’re just interested in playing for fun, then I’d get these.


Here are a few things I’d like to clarify.

As they are not 100% round, they are only suitable for training and practice as when rolling or spinning these you will notice how much they wobble.

  • Provides good spin
  • Reasonable price
  • Standard size and weight
  • Best for serious players
  • Solid and soft
  • Not for regular play (casual matches only)

Joola Tour Carrying Case With 18 40mm 3 Star Competition Ping Pong Balls

In comparison to just purchasing the balls, getting the balls with the case is cheaper.

Joola Tour Carrying Case With 18 40mm 3 Star Competition Ping Pong Balls

It doesn’t matter whether you like the case or not; you’re still on top.

The case also can hold two paddles of normal size comfortably.

Also, the quality of the balls is excellent. There is a perfect spin to the balls as well.

They have excellent traction and are extremely visible at night.

You should definitely consider those balls and the storage.

All in all, for recreational players this set is a good choice.

At this price, I don’t think there is anything better available.

The paddle is protected by a solid case that includes 18 3-Star balls.


  1. Ping Pong Balls and paddles can be stored in this protective case with EVA foam lining. To keep contents safe, clean, and dry, it is equipped with a double snap lock system that is easy to open.
  2. These 3 Star Table Tennis practice balls have a seamless exterior, resulting in consistent bounce and roundness.
  3. The Balls are perfect for training ping pong robots or for regulation play.

Product Details

  • Color: Orange
  • Material: Plastic
  • Rating: 3-Star
  • Weight: ‎0.99 Ounces


The case is perfect for carrying your paddles and balls.

It can save the paddles from dust.

Moreover, the quality of balls is also good for recreational play in this price range.


There isn’t enough thickness to the material of the case.

Having two paddles in there and filling up all of the ball slots will force the balls into the rubber when closed.

If this occurs, your rubber could become dimpling.

  • Protective case included
  • Quality balls for a great price
  • Best for recreational play
  • Provides good spin
  • Thin case

Joola Rossi Champ Table Tennis Ball Set (6 Count, 1-Star Quality)

For those who are just getting started or for those who want to play a few games from time to time, this ball is a good choice.

Joola Rossi Champ Table Tennis Ball Set (6 Count, 1-Star Quality)

There is a nice balance between weight and durability.

Although we play with it for almost a month, it still feels like the first day, even after the blows we sometimes give it.

It is fun to play with these balls, but I recommend getting heavier and more momentum if someone is training to become better; otherwise, they are good for practicing.

Al in all, I would never suggest these balls for even recreational play.

You can use them for bots or practice with them.

At this price range, these balls are just fine.


  1. 40 millimeters in standard diameter table tennis balls
  2. Designed to be used for practice.
  3. Made from durable celluloid material that can be used for a long time.
  4. Available in either white or orange.

Product Details

  • Color: White or Orange
  • Material: Plastic
  • Rating: 1-Stars
  • Weight: ‎ ‎ ‎ 0.8 Ounces


At this price point, these balls are good for practice.

The balls bounce and spin properly without any deformation, and they don’t dent easily.


You can’t expect a serious game with these balls.

If you are a newbie, then its ok otherwise you can skip them.

  • Decent practice balls
  • Good price point
  • Spin and bounce is good
  • Not easy to dent the balls
  • Not for even recreational play

Joola Ping Pong Net Reviews

Joola Premium Avanti Table Tennis Net And Post Set 

In comparison with the net and post that came with the Joola table.

Joola Premium Avanti Table Tennis Net And Post Set 

The Joola Premium Avanti Table Tennis Net and Post Set is of higher quality.

This net and post set is excellently designed and performs very well. 

It only takes a few minutes to install by watching a video on the internet.

Its strength and holding power are due to the small v-shaped bottom bracket extending from the table and the shallow U-shaped bracket along its entire length.

As a result of net tension and bumps, it will not slip out of alignment, and the U-shape prevents bending.

The only things I would have liked were some instructions or at least a diagram on attaching the net and applying tension with the chains. 

It is a quality net and post set at an acceptable price, and I definitely recommend it to all skill levels of players.


  1. The tightening clamp system comes with a rubber pad to ensure your table stays in good working condition.  
  2. With a 72″ net and posts, this ping pong set is perfect for tables up to 1.5″ thick.
  3. Once a net is attached to a table, you can check its tension by using the ball and chain at both ends.
  4. This ping pong net is lightweight and easy to transport, making it perfect for taking anywhere you go.

Product Details

  • Color: Black and white
  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimension: 286 inches
  • Weight:‎ ‎1.6 Pounds


With Joola’s well-known quality and affordable price, you can’t go wrong.

It’s a solid net and post for every type of play.


The net is admittedly more difficult to install than one with a spring clamp.

It will attach to the net nicely if you screw it down tightly.

  • Solid net
  • Not much adjustment needed
  • Good quality without breaking the bank
  • Effective brackets 
  • Difficult to install

Joola Snapper Professional Table Tennis Net 

Rather than a loop over pole net, this Joola Snapper net uses an insert net with a tension string and beaded ends that insert into the clamps.

It is of better quality and more heavy-duty insert net.

The tricky part is that you can’t pull tension if you don’t have tension because the beads fall out if you don’t have tension.

You can only pull tension on the other end to fall out first.

Because you are playing with someone, it isn’t too stressful.

It works best with two people.

They are easier to tension up when the rings go over the metal cleat.

In addition to being super-sturdy, the clamps are wide enough to properly center the net over the gaps in a folding table.

They rest squarely on the edge of the table, so you know you’re getting a straight net.

The only minor fault is that the rubber mold on the clamp (which protects the table surface) wasn’t well glued in and came right off.

You may have to discard the rubber pieces that battled flat glue because they’re curved.


  1. You are now ready for play once you grab the spring-loaded premium clip set and attach it to your ping pong table. You can remove the net after play by simply squeezing the clippers.
  2. This ping pong set includes a sturdy 72″ net and posts. The posts are compatible with 1.5″ thick tables.
  3. A portable zipper storage case makes transporting your ping pong net easy.

Product Details

  • Color: Black and white
  • Material: Alloy Steel and Cotton
  • Dimension: 11.029.841.97 inches
  • Weight: ‎‎1.83 Pounds


With clamps on the table, the side edges can be held in place.

The top edge can be held in place with a string and chain combination.

So, it’s a most satisfying condition.


You can’t use it on tables with a thickness above 1 inch.

It’s really bad because there are many top brands with over 1-inch thickness and it should be compatible with them.

  • Easy to carry with zipper storage
  • Firm clamps and hold tight
  • Solid Net and Post
  • Best for every skill level
  • No instructions for assembly and use

Joola Retractable Ping Pong Net

The Joola retractable ping pong net allows you to play ping pong on any table of reasonable width or length.

Joola Retractable Ping Pong Net

It is compatible with a regulation-size table tennis table and smaller ones.

However, with the exception of a few incidents, the ball behaved as it would with a regulation net.

The ball both bounced off (and fell over) in the manner that you would expect.

The net is well-tensioned.

Because the clamps are near the edge of the table.

The regulation play would not be possible because the nets must extend beyond the table’s width.

Overall, you will be extremely satisfied with the purchase, and you will get a good net that travels easily in this price range.


  1. Adaptable to any surface, the on-the-go ping pong spring clamp net lets you play ping pong anywhere.
  2. It expands to 5.7 feet in length and is compatible with tabletops and surfaces up to 1.75 inches thick.
  3. The easy button clamp feature allows you to set up ping pong nets of any length in seconds.
  4. Stabilize and hold your posts in place with rubber padded clamps.
  5. This retractable Ping Pong Net is no tangle and automatically retracts, making it easy to store and transport anywhere.

Product Details

  • Color: White
  • Material: Cotton
  • Dimension: inches
  • Weight: ‎1.64 Pounds


Any reasonable sized table can be set up and played as a quick game of ping pong.

Moreover, In this price range it’s a fine find for recreational purpose.


It is not legal for regulation play net since the net must exceed the table width because there is a clamp right next to it.

  • Retractable net
  • Best for thick than 1.5 inches’tables
  • Compatible for almost every size of tables
  • Fine quality for recreational play
  • Not for serious players

Joola Ping Pong Table Cover Reviews

Joola Ping Pong Table Cover

Joola Ping Pong Table Cover

The Joola Ping Pong Table Cover has the unique ability to be applied a ping-pong table both when it is folded up and when it is open.

The straps keep the covers in place in windy conditions.

The covers fit snugly over the sides and stay in place without straps when the table is folded up.

The straps appeared to have no use in the folded-up position, which led to confusion at first.

When the cover is used in an open position, its use becomes clear.

This is a valuable cover for protecting the table from dust, dirt, the sun, and driving rain, but calling it waterproof is stretching things.

If your ping-pong table is outdoor-ready, it won’t keep moisture out.

Although the material cannot pass through water, the way it is applied to the table leaves edges, bottoms, and sides exposed so that moisture can penetrate the table.

All in all, you should buy this cover for the long life of your ping pong table.


  1. This cover protects against dust, scratches, and harsh weather conditions outdoors.
  2. It is designed to cover and protect your table while playing or storing. It is a universal size that fits most 9×5 tables.
  3. This cover can be adjusted quickly and easily thanks to hook-and-loop fasteners, buckles, and straps that remain attached to your table in any position.
  4. The material is polyester with a PVC coating for water resistance.
  5. The cover can be stored in a convenient drawstring bag when not in use.

Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimension: 10.989.654.37 inches
  • Weight: ‎‎‎‎‎5.05 Pounds


Covering the tables is easy with their velcro sides.

Additionally, you may lay the covers flat on top of the ping pong table while the table is unfolded and in use to protect it in case of rain.


If you use this cover continuously for moths it could be tore in to pieces because of sunlight.

  • Waterproof material
  • Compatible with Joola table tennis tables
  • Heavy-duty
  • Simple to install
  • Use only on outdoor tables


Joola is a master brand for ping pong products, and you can rely on the products.

But I have to clear a misconception: if you purchase an inexpensive product, never expect a top-notch quality—all brands, including Joola, target all levels of players like pro and newbies.

So, if you are good to good with a product like a paddle, may be a better player than you have some problems with that paddle.

All in all, you should concentrate on your needs and experience with your ping pong accessories.

By doing this, you have to upgrade your accessories.

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