DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Review – Best Quality Rubber For You In 2023

DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Reviews

The NEO Hurricane 3 rubber from DHS is one of the best rubbers of all time because it can grow with your needs.

After breaking in a few weeks, this sticky rubber becomes as good as a rubber costing more than $80.

If you wish to brush with a good technique when swing brushing, you must use the hard classic Chinese rubber.

There will be a clear difference in the shininess of the Balls.

This will make your opponent react carefully.

Otherwise, the balls will miss the table by yards or go into the net.

Furthermore, if you are a beginner, it will eventually teach you how to perform spins properly.

As a new player, I used Tenergy as a bat, but it turned out to be a boondoggle because of its elastic characteristics, which provided a fair amount of speed on its own.

I didn’t learn good form early on. It’s not all about speed.

Using this rubber, you’ll not only be able to swing hard but also get great speed.

All in all, it is a great rubber. But taking a few days to break in the rubber is normal.

Why DHS NEO Hurricane 3 Is Cheaper Than Other H3s?

There is a difference between sponges.

An orange sponge named DHS H3 Hurricane 3 NEO costs less.

Blue sponges cost more.

Although I haven’t tried more expensive brands, I believe quality makes a difference.

The most popular is the DHS H3 Hurricane 3 NEO because of its excellent price and quality.

Blue sponges are only available in Black And Red are used on the forehand.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 2.15
  • Color: Black And Red
  • Fitted For: Control / Loop

Visual Appearance

There is a strong smell emanating from the rubber, which lasts for days. In my opinion, the smell indicates authenticity.

In most cases, fake bat rubber smells like a tire.

NEO Hurricane 3 rubber
Source: Amazon

Both the English and Chinese versions of the DHS logo are present.

Despite what the package claims, the logo does not say NEO.

Also, a thin layer of gel is applied to the back of the rubber.

Immediately after application, the glue bonds with the blade and forms a strong bond.

A sponge with a thickness of 2.2mm in orange is especially appealing to me.

When combined with NEO hurricane 3 rubber, it can provide up to 30% more dynamic performance.

I guess the hardness is 39 degrees since the cover says medium.


The loops it produces are very strong because it is very tacky.

While I loop balls like I used to, my opponents tell me that my balls have extra spin when I hit them back.

They also say they are fast. It’s easy to control.

The new paddle has helped me land on the table more accurately.

My backhand chops have also become more adept at returning low loops.

Using this rubber, I can play faster forehand loops with more aggressiveness.


First, it’s a genuine one.

Since the NEO is factory boosted, its lifetime is shorter than the generic Hurricane 3.

It is the shoe to get for boosted stuff, but for good Chinese rubber that will last for months, choose Hurricane 3 (normal).

The rubber feels great, the hit feedback is great, and if you put in a lot of effort, you can generate a great deal of speed.


It smells like fish out of the box. You will smell fish for a few days if you have this in your bedroom.

Black ones smell worse than red ones. If you are more smell sensitive, you will never like this type of rubber.

It does not include edge tape.

It comes with a single sheet of Table Tennis Rubber, which can cover the blade of a table tennis stick on one side.

No tape, glue, sheets of protection, or other accessories are included.


These hurricane rubbers are getting a lot of buzzes.

They seem to be very fast and powerful.

They get dirty easily due to their tackiness.

It is not as tacky as a Super 999T but faster and more powerful.

The rubber is a bit tacky compared to a Gambler Burst Thor’s Hammer, and it also has a little more spin.

Both feel powerful when hitting balls, but hitting a ball feels softer.


The Chinese national teams use almost this type of rubber to win world championships because it is high quality.

This rubber won’t let you down.

There is no comparison to any premade paddle that may cost you more money.

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