Ping Pong Table Buying Guide – How To Choose a Table Tennis Table In 2023

How do you choose the best table when there are so many options to choose from?

It’s important to have the best possible table for you, not just the best available table.

Ultimately, it’s easy to overlook the differences between them.

The things you think are free aren’t, and you don’t want to make an expensive mistake!

From cheap to expensive, tables can be found at a wide range of prices,

But the price alone will not tell you whether that particular table will meet your needs.

To eliminate the unsuitable tables and choose the best one for you,

you must know what to look for and what questions to ask.

This article will guide you about the top quality tables you can choose according to your preferences.

Lets Get Started:

Identifying a good quality table tennis table

source: new york magazine

When it comes to determining whether a table tennis table is good, the thickness of the top is a good indicator.

A good table tennis top will be between 12mm and 25mm thick. 

If you consider buying a table tennis table, you should avoid those with very thin tops (for example, 12mm).

In addition, the table is flimsy and easy to damage, and the ball does not bounce well.

16mm-19mm thick tables are great for robot training.

I used to have a 19mm Butterfly Easifold table tennis table for robot training for years.

A well-maintained table will bounce consistently, and it should last for many years if you look after it properly.

Tops with thicker (22mm-25mm) table tennis surfaces are the most durable.

Sadly, the cost is also higher.

It’s a joy to play on my JOOLA World Cup (22mm) table, which I now have at home.

The difference between 22 and 25mm is probably not noticeable to an amateur player 22mm has excellent quality. However, 25mm is even better.

Indoor Table Tennis Tables

You’ll want a table that has specific indoor features, such as foldable storage for compact storage if you plan to use it indoors.

You can also look for one with wheels when you aren’t using it.

Tables that cost the same outdoor ones are likely to bounce more uniformly indoors than outdoors.

Outdoor tables have weatherproof surfaces that influence the way the ball bounces.

Because of this, the best indoor tables will be as good or even better than that outdoors in the same price range.

But, outdoor tables are not meant to be left in the rain, and indoor tables should never be left outsides.

Outdoor table tennis table

If you’d rather keep your table outside, you should get one that can be kept in the garage or outdoors.

Outdoor Ping Pong Tables should have a sturdy construction, larger wheels, and a simple setup system.

The table legs and frames are usually made of rust-proof materials to remain strong and last longer.

Waterproof materials are commonly used for the playing surface to prevent warping and loss of shape when wet.

To combat humidity and moisture, which are the worst enemies of table tennis tables, you may be better off with an outdoor table even if you intend to keep it in your garage.

Ping pong tables made for outdoor use are generally more expensive than indoor use due to the additional materials needed for creating a weatherproof table.

Even though these tables have a lower bounce than others in their price range, they still offer high-quality play Like Famous Players.

You should not leave an indoor table in an area where it’s humid for prolonged periods when it’s raining or when it’s humid outside.

Both of these things can cause it to warp and deteriorate over time.

According to Floridians, the high humidity in Florida even causes some tables to warp.

Non-Regulation-Size Ping-Pong Tables

source :ping pong bros

Priced between $100 and $450, these tables are the most affordable.

They are ideal for children or entry-level players who have a small budget or do not have full-size table space.

You will also find full-size tables in this price range,

But they generally have very thin surfaces that lead to a poor and inconsistent bounce and are unlikely to hold up well over time.

Non-regulation-sized tables are lightweight and offer portability and easy assembly.

Low-end or recreational ping-pong tables

There are a lot of affordable tablets in the $100 to $450 price range.

Kids and entry-level
players with a limited budget or who don’t have full-size tables will benefit from them.

Full-size tables can be found in this price range, but they generally have very thin surfaces,

Making them bounce poorly and unlikely to withstand long-term use.

Not regulation-sized tables are lightweight, easy to transport and assemble quickly. 

Entry-level and midrange Ping-Pong tables

Midrange ping-pong tables suit homes, gyms, schools, recreation centers, and even players who would like to train competitively. 

Tables with high-quality features like thick playing surfaces, sturdy undercarriages, a solid frame, and a removable net come with these models. 

You will find indoor tables of excellent quality at a reasonable price in this category.

Many high-end European tables that cost much more than Chinese tables can perform almost as well.

However, there are many cheaper versions of European tables in this range.


I hope this article has provided you with the necessary information about ping pong tables to tell the good ones from the bad ones.

An indoor table’s playing surface thickness is the main feature you should consider when choosing one.

Moreover, you should ensure that your outdoor table is not only weather-resistant but also bounces well in all conditions.

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