Top 7 Best Ping Pong Table Covers In 2023 – Buying Guide

Whenever a ping pong table is left outdoors, it needs protection, and here our ping pong table covers come in.

The best ping pong table covers provide premium protection for various Ping Pong Tables, both in terms of size and construction.

These covers are designed to be durable.

Solid and sturdy covers are made with excellent materials to match the premium construction standards.

Due to their superior weather coating, these covers can also be tested in extreme weather conditions.

Their performance does not deteriorate over time.

Mobility is another advantage of these table covers.

When you plan to take them outside, they provide an easy storage option.

Lastly, the addition of tear-resistant and dust-resistant coatings increases your table’s safety.

So, in this article, we have reviewed the best ping pong table covers in terms of the all above features.

7 Best Ping Pong Table Cover:

1. JOOLA Ping Pong Table Cover Fits Both Folding Tables & Flat Tables

The Joola Dual Function Ping Pong Table Cover is designed to protect the particularly outdoor table against harmful weather conditions, dust, and scratches.

However, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

This Best Ping Pong Table cover is one of the easiest and most practical ways to protect and keep clean your ping pong tables.

A thermoplastic nylon material provides high waterproof resistance to the Joola Dual Function Indoor/Outdoor Table Cover.

Your table is protected from water and scratches with this cover material.

This table cover has Velcro edges so that you can adjust it quickly and easily on your table.

You can also use this function to set a cover on a table without removing your net.

This cover protects standard 9 by 5-foot tables.

This table is made of polyester with a PVC coating, which creates a plastic-like seal that prevents precipitation from coming into contact with it.

The table protector can easily and securely fasten to your table, ensuring a good fit and 100% protection regardless of your position.

The table cover can be secured to the undercarriage of your table with straps.

This allows you to cover the table while playing and while storing.

Although the Indoor Table Cover is designed for indoor use, it is water-resistant in case of unexpected spills.

All in all, it is perfectly suited to the Joola ping pong tables.

If you have an indoor table and want to keep it outside, this is what you need.


  1. The cover protects the table from scratches, dust, and harsh weather conditions.
  2. Your table can be covered and protected in both playing and storing positions.
  3. With hook-and-loop fasteners, buckles, and straps, the tablecloth can be easily and securely adjusted to any position.
  4. The ping pong table cover is made of polyester and waterproof PVC.

Product Detail

  • Color: All-Weather
  • Item dimension: 4.5 x 9 x 10.5 inches
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 4 pounds


It’s a great table cover in terms of material. It can keep the snow and water out so far.

Furthermore, it is very heavy, and the cover is strong enough to handle strong winds.


It would be nice if the bottom had velcro so, when used for folding tables, it could be closed a bit from the bottom.

This means that dust can still go inside because the bottom is still fully open.

  • Durable
  • Excellent water resistance
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to set up
  • The build quality is average

2. LYHNMW Ping pong Cover Indoor Outdoor Ping Pong Table Cover

The powerful Oxford 620D is another top-class table cover both for indoor and outdoor use.

The best thing I should say is that Oxford 620D will not be torn or blown away if high winds blow.

In addition to UV-stabilized and water repellent coatings,

The outer material of the table cover keeps the surface dry without water seeping through.

Also, it is designed to defend against bad weather and has buckle straps on all four corners for extra stability.

When the table is folded, the cover sits upright.

The cover is protected from flying away by the click-close straps at the bottom and sides.

Additionally, a hook-and-loop fastener edge, buckles, and straps protect the table from any damage,

While fast and easy adjustments keep it fitted regardless of the position.

If you don’t know, it is not the material alone that determines how well the product will perform in all weather conditions.

The manufacturer applies a UV-resistant coating to create a waterproof surface. By doing so, the level of protection is doubled.

Overall, it comes with an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty.

However, there are no side zippers. If you do not consider this an inconvenience, the product is worth buying.


  1. The outer layer is constructed from 420D dense fiber Oxford material.
  2. The ping pong table cover is weather-resistant, dust-proof, and has higher strength and tear resistance.
  3. It comes with UV-stabilized coatings, and water repellent coatings are applied to the outer material of the table cover to prevent water penetration.
  4. There is an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty on this product.

Product Detail

  • Color: Black
  • Item dimension: 65 x 28 x 73 inches
  • Material: PVC
  • Weight: 0.88 pounds


The cover is similar to the material used on automobile sun visors.

The outside of the cover is black, and the inside is silver.

I don’t know why it comes with a storage bag. However, the bag works well for storing ping pong balls.


When left outside, the material becomes brittle and thin. A little breeze rips it.

While it protects from water, it wouldn’t be called “weatherproof” because it cannot withstand sun and wind.

  • Durable
  • UV-protective
  • Protection from all weather conditions
  • High-quality fabric
  • No zipper available

3. Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover – Water Resistant Polyester

By investing in a Covermates Ping Pong Table Cover, you will keep your table clean and ready for years to come.

This table covers from Covermate are made of water-resistant polyester,

With double stitched seams that add durability.

Also it is equipped with four adjustable buckle straps in each corner to make sure it stays put in the backyard or game room.

This cover is secured by four table legs and four click-close straps and it will not be blown away by the wind.

It comes with a weather-resistant polyester to be used outdoors for at least three years.

Further, the 3-year warranty will cover any support you may need during this period.

It is a worthwhile investment if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Moreover, the cover performed well over the winter.

It is important to note that this cover is used only when the table is closed and not in use.


  1. The bag is a lightweight fabric, has double-stitched seams for additional durability, and has buckle straps at all four corners.
  2. This is made of the most popular material, 300D stock-dyed polyester, from Covermate.
  3. There is a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty included.
  4. Ping pong tables measuring 110W x 60D x 30H can be fitted with these frames.

Product Detail

  • Color: Elite Khaki Polyester, Classic Black Vinyl
  • Item dimension: 110W x 60D x 30H
  • Material: 12–gauge commercial vinyl
  • Weight: 6.05 pounds


When compared with other brand names like Cornilleau, Kettler, etc. CoverMates is very reasonable compared to those.

A zipper at the bottom of the CoverMates keeps it from blowing away, so it stays in place.


The cover is of good quality, but you will need something to hang near the net so that the weight of the cover does not destroy it.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty
  • Compact design
  • Polyester construction
  • Click-close support
  • Quite expensive

4. BEILLER Ping pong Cover – Outdoor & Indoor Waterproof Ping Pong Table

This cover has a versatile construction that protects the gaming table in all directions.

This cover is waterproof, flexible, and stitched tightly for optimum performance.

The Oxford fabric 420 variant is also double-threaded to ensure high quality.

In addition to being comparatively heavy, the construction will also withstand strong winds and rain.

There are also straps on both ends of the cover, so you can tighten it to fit your table perfectly.

It provides UV light and rain protection without worrying about changing climates.

Its exterior layer is also substantial, so scratches will not affect its shape.

The bottom section also has drawcords on either side to adjust the size according to the table.

To secure and open the straps instantly, one-click technology is used here.

Moreover, the straps are constructed from elastic materials and are extremely flexible.

Storage bags are included with table covers to provide safety and protection.

On top of the polyester fabric is a UV protective coating to prevent the table from being damaged by rain or sunlight.

The smooth and sturdy properties of the PVC coating complete the picture of stylish protection.

Furthermore, the PVC coating will ensure that the table doesn’t degrade with the change in weather.

You can use this cover with any of the best air hockey and ping pong combos.


  1. The cover fits perfectly over a table’s entire surface, including its legs.
  2. The ping-pong table cover from BEILLER is thicker than other covers.
  3. You can use it as an indoor ping pong table cover and an outdoor all-weather ping pong table cover.
  4. A drawstring at the bottom and straps at both ends ensure a tight fit.

Product Detail

  • Color: Black
  • Item dimension: 65” x 28” x 73′ inch
  • Material: 420D Oxford Fabric
  • Weight: 2.49 pounds


It has withstood the weather and is of high quality. The table has straps to tighten it, but it’s much larger than other ping pong tables.

It stands up to wind well. I would recommend it.


This is well-made and well-designed and looks sharp. However, I’m not sure how well it will hold up over time.

The corners of ping pong tables are extremely sharp. If the material is caught on a sharp edge, I’m unsure how well it will hold up.

  • Quick and easy to clean up
  • Drawcords on the straps
  • UV-resistant and PVC coating
  • Dust- and water-resistant
  • Cannot be used with an open table

5. Aaaspark Indoor/Outdoor Premium Ping Pong Table Cover

This table cover is a great choice for you if you want a cover that offers protection and elegance.

You can cover most ping pong tables upright with this Ping Pong Table Cover.

Covering the table nicely will be easy with this.

There is a little looseness at the bottom, but you can tighten it.

The price is reasonable. It is easy to unzip the zipper on the side, and the bird flies away.

The zipper fell off, but you were able to fix it.

In addition to being durable enough for all-weather use, the cover protects folding ping pong tables from dust, dirt, and scratches.

Made of durable Oxford cloth, this cover will last for many years.

It is high-quality UV-resistant fabric; this cover is durable and weatherproof.

In addition to preventing moisture condensation and wind lifting, the dual air vents circulate air to prevent growth.

Further, to keep the Ping-Pong Table Cover in shape, the waterproof lining makes it easy to put on and take off.

The cover is reinforced at the four corners to prevent accidental tearing.

The four buckle straps on the bottom keep the cover secure against windy weather so it does not flap or blow off.

All in all, it is an all-purpose ping pong cover that can be used both inside and outside.

The material is waterproof, and buckles and hems keep them growing over.

In addition to being lightweight, they are usually durable enough to withstand outdoor conditions.


  1. An elegant tablecloth that also provides superior protection.
  2. This all-weather cover protects the folding ping pong tables against dust, dirt, and scratches.
  3. The Oxford cloth material makes this outdoor ping pong cover durable.
  4. This waterproof Ping-Pong Table Cover keeps its shape and is easy to take on and off, thanks to its waterproof lining.

Product Detail

  • Color: Elite Khaki Polyester
  • Item dimension: 13.7 x 13.19 x 3.19 inch
  • Material: Fabric Iron
  • Weight: 3.24 pounds


It is a high-quality and durable table tennis cover and well-designed also.

Moreover, this ping pong table cover fits easily over the table relatively.


The top of the ping pong table will not be covered properly unless it extends at an angle.

Because ours isn’t angled, I have to rig it to cover it, and even then, the seams let water in.

  • PVC coating and UV protection
  • Water-resistant and dust-proof
  • Compact design
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • The zipper is of poor quality.

6. Ping Pong Table Cover – 600D Oxford Cloth Sunscreen

If you decided to use a cover for the table that would probably be open,

600D Oxford Cloth Sunscreen Dustproof Ping pong Table Cover will be impressive.

The purpose of the cover is only to keep dust and debris off the table and not for waterproofing reasons.

I like that it’s lightweight, easy to remove quickly, but still keeps dust out.

You can also protect your table from pet hair, dust, and water splashes.

It’s as simple as covering the tabletop and tightening the legs.

Also, it has a bag that comes with two strong paddle pockets to store your ping pong balls and ping pong paddles.

All table edges are completely covered by material, equipped with fitted corners and sturdy material.

It comes with a zippered case for storing the cover if you want.

The four points snap over table legs to provide a quick and secure windshield. The design is good.

The paddles and balls can be stored in the pocket.

It blends in without having an ad campaign in your backyard and doesn’t have a huge label to draw attention.

The table won’t fit upright when folded for storage. Although it is not waterproof, it is good enough to protect from the sun.

In general, the cover is great, and the price is considerably less than the fold-up cover.

Additionally, the paddles and balls are kept in a cloth bag attached to the cover.

The table cover comes with a compression bag, which can store balls.


  1. Ping pong paddles and ping pong balls can be stored in 2 strong paddle pockets.
  2. Pet hair, household dirt, and splashes of water will not damage your ping pong table with this cover.
  3. The compact size of this table cover makes it easy to store when not in use.

Product Detail

  • Color: Black
  • Item dimension: 110 x 60 x 28 inches
  • Material: 600D water-repellent oxford cloth
  • Weight: 3.92 pounds


The cover is very durable, the corners fit snuggly, and it has an easy-to-secure closure system.

It looks good and fits my outdoor table well.


The fabric is of high quality, and it helps to protect my table from the sun.

I can easily predict that it will last at least two years and its worth.

  • Suitable for all flat standard ping pong tables
  • 2 strong paddles pocket
  • Storage bag for the table cover
  • Windproof
  • Sun Proof
  • Quality Average

7. J&C Ping pong Cover

The J&C Ping pong Cover waterproof ping pong cover is lightweight and durable.

By using this cover, you can easily protect your Ping-Pong table from harsh weather conditions,

extending its life and maintaining its good condition.

This cover is easily attached to the table with two adjustable straps and hem cords.

It can be cleaned with a hose and dry in the sun. Also, a zippered storage bag is included for easy storage.

It is the best cover to protect an outdoor ping pong table from stains, dirt, and moisture caused by rain, snow, hail, etc.

The UV-resistant design offers excellent protection against sunlight.

All in all, within a reasonable price, it is a good cover for normal use at this price usage.


  1. The waterproof ping pong cover is made of 210D polyester. It is lightweight and durable.
  2. A Ping-Pong table cover helps to protect your table from harsh weather conditions and extends its lifespan.
  3. A hem cord and two adjustable straps ensure proper fitting on your table.
  4. Ping pong table covers can protect ping pong tables from stains, dirt, and moisture, accumulating during rain.

Product Detail

  • Color: Black
  • Item dimension: 11.34 x 10.55 x 2.76 inches
  • Material: 210D polyester
  • Weight: 1.57 Pounds


The cover comes in a nice pouch and is easy to install.

There are straps on the bottom for adjustment.

It can handle rain and light snow without issue.


The ping pong table cover is made from a thin material.

The material feels similar to a cheap shower curtain.

  • 210D polyester
  • Protect from the harsh weather conditions
  • Two adjustable straps
  • UV resistant design
  • Thin material

Things to Consider When Buying a ping pong table cover

Every product needs to be considered from different angles.

Here are a few elements you shouldn’t ignore.

Table Dimensions

It is also important to measure the table’s size before purchasing a product.

Table ping pong tables can be manufactured in a wide range of options.

Choosing the right cover is important. If the cover is too small, it will not provide adequate protection.

You should also avoid using a sheet that is too large. Too much material can be torn away by the wind.

Under very heavy rain, the top of the cover can turn into a water tank, reducing the cover’s water resistance.

Materials that Resist Water

The cover material for your ping pong table is important for protecting it. High-density vinyl or PVC protects the color of the product.

It is recommended to use a waterproof cover if you need to use the cover outside.

In hot and humid environments, choose a product that has well-ventilated construction.

Heavy-duty products are often made of PVC and HD vinyl. When looking for a cost-effective product,

You might also look at woven polyester or nylon.

Uses: Indoor, Outdoor, Multipurpose

Indoor or outdoor protection is available, depending on your needs. They all have different features.

If you want to avoid diminishing its value, make sure you use it for the right reason.

An indoor covering that is dirt-resistant meets the requirements.

They cannot be used outdoors. Generally, these products are light in color and come in various styles.

You will need outdoor protection if you have an outdoor ping pong table.

It provides UV protection and water resistance. Many useful features make it a favorite among designers.

Additionally, a dual-featured product is also available. Manufacturers are using new materials to reduce the weight of the product.

The materials still provide an outdoor covering with weather resistance.

What are the best brands?

Many brands are available to ping pong players, such as Covermate, Butterfly, STIGA, killerSpin and Kettler. All of these brands offer ping pong accessories.

There are a lot of benefits to purchasing a product from one of the above brands.

The product is of high quality, but the warranty is also reasonable.

Thousands of different products are now available on the market.

Many of them are surprisingly affordable. However, choosing a reliable brand is always a good idea.

Ping Pong Table Cover color

Besides being a problem, color also plays a role in supporting the features of the cover.

Heat will be absorbed and condensed in dark colors, causing the table to become extremely hot.

Bright colors are recommended if you’re looking for outdoor protection.

Moreover, elegant and trendy colors will make your interior look more appealing.

Versatility and Orientation

You can choose between an upright sheath or a flat sheath for your ping pong table.

If you choose the good sheath, you must fold the table. Choosing the second option allows you to cover the table while playing.

Some products can be customized to support both upright and flat positions. Some products provide more than just cover.

Many are equipped with handles that make them easy to carry and hang.

Extra features help you decide.

Extra features go beyond the basic functions and give you a better experience.

It may be helpful to have a lanyard to keep the cover from fluttering away in the wind.

Some manufacturers also include handles to make carrying easier. Some covers come with accessory bags.


We reviewed the top 7 ping pong table covers that offer different features in this best ping pong table cover review.

You can select the best product according to your needs.

We recommend JOOLA or Covermates Ping Pong Table Covers for playing and folding positions.

But it’s not that other brands are not good. Simply You get what you pay for.

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