Best Ping Pong Paddle And Ball Holder In 2023 | Best Guide

In order to organize your balls and paddles, you came here to find the best ping pong paddle and ball holders.

Fortunately, this article answers your question. Which type of holder should you use? Do you want it hung or placed on a table?

A ping pong paddle and ball holder is a great way to store paddles because it uses unused space,

such as walls, and some are attached to the cross-bar under the table or hooks on the wall.

They’re perfect for storing and organizing paddles and sometimes balls for more efficient storage and to help you find them more easily.

Most table tennis paddles and ball holders are made either out of nylon fabric or mesh to hold out the balls.

Additionally, paddle holders can be made from wood, steel, and plastic.

This paddle holder is usually mounted to a wall with screws and bolts.

The following are some of the best ping pong paddle and ball holders available:

5 Best Ball Ping Pong Ball Holder & Paddle

1. JOOLA Magnetic Table Tennis Ball Accessory Holder 

You’ve been longing for the JOOLA Magnetic Ball Holder, the ultimate table tennis accessory.

It is unnecessary to chase down balls between every point under the ping pong table.

Two trays and 10 three-star ping pong balls are included in the pack.

Magnets are built into each tray to easily attach to metal frames of table tennis tables or anything else with a magnetic surface, including refrigerators and scoreboards.

Despite the roughest of playing conditions, the trays remain flexible and shatter-proof.

When you add ten competition-grade, three-star ping pong balls to the mix, you’ve got the perfect game room gift.

You don’t have to bend over to pick up the balls between each point when you have these handy.

The balls themselves are also of decent quality.

The competition JOOLA Ping Pong balls provide consistent bounce, increased power, greater spin, and better control on each shot.

With the holders and training balls, you can compete at your best or even have a fun time recreationally playing table tennis.

Overall, this table tennis accessory will allow you to spend more time playing rather than picking up balls.

You can attach this to your outdoor or indoor ping pong table’s metal frame or apron.


  1. It is the best solution to avoid continuously searching for balls in the middle of a game with the JOOLA magnetic table tennis ball holder set.
  2. All the metallic surfaces of the table tennis table are held in place by the ball holder.
  3. The rubber is durable and long-lasting.
  4. Each holder contains five table tennis balls (for ten balls).
  5. This set contains 10 orange 3-star table tennis balls with a diameter of 40 mm.

Product Detail

  • Weight: 0.77 pounds
  • Color: Blue
  • Material: Rubber
  • Department: Unisex-adult


An excellent ball holder for people who do not have pockets or do not want to keep retrieving balls while playing.

The hard-core players won’t want this, as it is distracting or can interfere with shot placement if someone hits directly at it.

A ball can glance off the edge, causing it not to be returned.


However, I have seen one disappointment. In my opinion, the balls should fit snugly and snap into the holder to prevent them from falling out, but they do not.

All the balls sit loosely in the holder, so all the balls will fall out if you hit it or fold your table.

  • Holds 5 ping pong balls
  • Sticks to most metal surface
  • Soft and flexible
  • Great for indoor and outdoor play
  • Easy and fast to assemble
  • Very organized
  • Magnets are of low quality

2. Ikkle Ping Pong Paddle Storage Rack Table Tennis Holder

Its unique design features two baffles in the bottom that securely hold balls, preventing them from falling when moving.

Ping Pong paddles should not be left on the floor table.

The lower shelf is ideal for storing ping pong balls, while the upper shelf holds four paddles.

A rustic decor element is added to any wall surface by using this wood table tennis holder.

Providing a great balance of functionality and presentation, this functional sports equipment decor is incredibly attractive.

It is easy to assemble and includes all the necessary accessories and instructions.

Installation can be completed in 15 minutes by a single person.

Ping pong racks can be mounted on a countertop or wall, depending on your needs.

Overall, warranty comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee that will cover any issues with the product and a 1-year warranty that will cover any quality problems.


  1. Unlike others, the Sunix ping pong paddle display rack has two baffles in the bottom to prevent balls from falling when it’s in use.
  2. The bottom shelf provides optimal space for storing balls, while the top shelf holds four paddles.
  3. This table tennis holder is made from vintage-inspired wood and can be mounted on any wall.
  4. Comes with all required accessories and step-by-step instructions. One man could complete the installation in 15 minutes.

Product Detail

  • Weight: 3.24 pounds
  • Color: Rustic white
  • Material: Wood
  • Department: Unisex-adult


The ball and paddle can be kept together in this way. It’s great to be able to hang them on the wall out of the way.


It is very easy to install. While the wood looks nice, it is relatively flimsy. That’s not surprising considering the price.

  • Wall mounted
  • Tabletop storage pack
  • 2 baffles to holding balls
  • Perfect size for all rackets
  • Very organized
  • The wood looks flimsy

3. IRON AMERICAN Elite Ping Pong Ball Holder

My goal was to keep our ping pong paddles and balls tastefully stored and protected.

However, there aren’t many options that are also convenient. I found the IRON AMERICAN Elite Ping Pong Ball Holder.

Lightweight, low profile, and easy to use, this hanger can be hung anywhere there is a flat surface.

It has proven to be an excellent choice for me. Not only is my equipment tucked safely away, but it is also easily accessible. Not to mention how affordable it is.

A low-profile, easy-to-assemble way to store a few ping pong paddles and balls.

Simple to put together and doesn’t take up too much space.

It looks very nice on the wall and makes playing more enjoyable when the items are close at hand and easy to find.

For a typical installation, two screws and drywall anchors are required.

It is simple and effective. It easily holds five paddles.

This ping pong ball holder accomplishes exactly what it’s supposed to without consuming much wall space.

The design is functional without being too flashy. It keeps things in place with its slightly tilted ball and paddle holder.

The simple design holds four paddles and six balls easily.

Nevertheless, there are no angles or ridges to the ball slots, just laser-cut,

level metal, so any bump will cause the paddles to fall; take care when removing them.

A few simple design tweaks, such as slanting the ball tracks inward, make the balls less likely to fall.


  1. Organize and clean your table tennis area with these ping pong accessories wall organizer.
  2. The front of the paddling set is bent upward at the perfect angle so that the paddles won’t fall off and bounce under your couch.
  3. It is easy to install and take down this ping pong organizer.
  4. All storage racks are built with high-quality, durable materials, come with a lifetime warranty, and are backed by 24/7 USA-based customer service.

Product Detail

  • Weight: 0.8 pounds
  • Color: Not mentioned
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Department: Unisex-adult


Ping pong paddles and balls stay organized in this attractive, sturdy rack with a small footprint.

Although I’m not sure how long the constant wear and tear will last, they feel and look great.


The product is functionally fantastic since it can hold up to six paddles and six balls.

What I don’t like about it is how it looks. When mounted on the wall, it looks so industrial and without a trace of elegance.

  • Versatile design
  • 14-guage solid steel
  • Black mate finish
  • Easy to install
  • Superior quality construction
  • Ball falls off easily

4. STIGA Ping Pong Storage Wall Rack

Your table tennis accessories remain safe and organized in the Stiga wall rack until you are ready to play.

To keep them from rolling off the shelf, it has 10 cut-outs specifically sized for table tennis balls.

This rack can hold up to six rackets.

The premium wood finish looks gorgeous in any setting and can be mounted to just about any flat surface.

My paddleboards and balls fit perfectly on this shelf. I found it very easy to assemble.

The man cave looks very stylish with this shelf.

It is solidly built and has a reasonable weight to it. The instructions are simple, concise, and clear, though unnecessary.

But the most valuable thing is that it looks good, and now I have a place to keep my paddles and balls.

Additionally, the ball can be grabbed from the wall and crawled under the pieces of furniture while the ball rolls under. The setup is very simple.


  1. Organizes and protects your table tennis accessories.
  2. Holds up to six paddles and ten balls.
  3. The premium design and finish look great in any setting.
  4. A flat wall surface can be installed easily.

Product detail

  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Wood
  • Department: Men


Maintains a neat atmosphere in the game room. The ping pong balls no longer roll around.


The board is designed for two paddles, but the paddle at the front falls off very easily.

  • Wall mounted
  • Tabletop storage pack
  • 2 baffles to holding balls
  • Perfect size for all rackets
  • Very organized
  • Paddle at the front falls off very easily

5. MAPOL Quality Ping Pong Paddle Set

Exactly what you need for non-professional ping pong.

The paddles are solid and have a comfy rubber pad for a pleasant feel.

The balls are perfect, and the carrying case is a nice bonus.

This set of paddles and balls is great for any beginner or just for your table that gets used once in a while.

A convenient portable travel carrying bag stores the four ping pong paddles/rackets and eight high bounce ping pong balls (4 white, 4 orange) in this table tennis set.

The multi-ply wood blade with an ergonomic flared handle creates a comfortable grip for long sessions and 40mm thick table tennis balls for an excellent bounce.

High elasticity soft sponge with advanced sidebands to avoid edgewear;

Durable and environmentally friendly rubber with high-quality thickness and balance to improve ball speed, control, and rotation.

The portable storage zipped carrying bag is designed for easy storage and organization,

Allowing 2-4 players to enjoy professional or recreational games indoors or outdoors.

This storage pack also makes sure they are protected from dust and scratches.

All in all, the 1-year warranty lets you buy with confidence.

The company backs every product with good quality.


  1. The set includes 4 ping pong rackets/paddles and 8 high bounce ping pong balls (4 white, 4 orange) packed in a convenient portable carrying case.
  2. The ergonomically shaped handle and multi-ply wood blade for long sessions create a comfortable grip.
  3. Organize and store your things in this blue, zipped carrying bag.
  4. A one-year warranty is included.

Product Detail

  • Weight: 2.1 pounds
  • Color: 4-Pack Practice Paddles
  • Material: Wood
  • Department: Uni-sex adults


Ping pong paddles and balls have proven to be in good condition and work well. The carrying case makes them easier to transport.


Paddles aren’t anything luxurious, but they feel and weigh well.

There are no obvious problems with the balls. I think they are a bit on the light side. All in all, very pleased at this price point.

  • Great set for recreational usage
  • Nice good quality set
  • Durable and convenient
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Holds 8 ping pong balls
  • Not for serious players

How to Choose a Good One:

An unused wall or bar space underneath the table is perfect for hanging a ping pong paddle , holder for organizing paddles and balls.

This rack is great for organizing paddles and finding and storing balls efficiently.

Different types of holders are available, each with its strengths and weaknesses.

Let’s examine each in detail.

Case for carrying

Considering carrying cases is a better alternative since they don’t have the edge issues we mentioned in the case of paddle racks.

The paddles are safer in these pockets, giving you more space and making it easier to travel with them.


You can hang this type on the wall.

A weakness of this type of holder is that if you move the paddle too roughly, the rubber edge will rub against the shelf, causing the elastic to stretch out.

The shelf should have a gap between it and the rubber to prevent this rubbing.

The following points should be taken into account:

Are you a frequent traveler?

We recommend choosing a carrying case if you plan to play in multiple locations.

The paddles in ping pong are not the strongest thing on earth, and even a small bump can ruin their sponges.

The rack may be better suited for organizing paddles if you keep them at home and don’t travel with them that often.


Generally, the more money you spend, the higher the quality of the item you will receive.

This statement also applies to paddle holders.

With the above holders, we have introduced affordability without compromising quality.

However, the price of your paddle will also be a factor. Pick a paddle that costs less than your current one.


What is the purpose of a ping pong paddle holder?

Keeping your playroom clean and organized is the first step.

By using paddle holders, you can protect your paddles from moisture and dust, extending their lifespan.

Furthermore, if balls are not kept in one place, they can be difficult to find.

What is the ideal paddle capacity?

To play four players at a time, the paddle holder must hold four paddles.

Is there a ball slot on the paddle holder?

In most cases, they have ball slots. They can hold up to fifty balls.

When choosing a ball holder, choose one that has ball slots if you do not want to keep your balls separately.

What should I choose, one that mounts to the wall or one that mounts to a table?

You will choose based on your preferences and your home.

A holder that can be mounted on a table is more suitable for travelers than a wall-mounted one.

If you practice more often at home, a wall-mountable holder is more convenient.


As a table tennis enthusiast, the STIGA Ping Pong Storage Wall Rack is my favorite ping pong paddle and ball holder.

Having my racket, I am concerned about dust getting on the paddle’s rubber.

This organizer protects the rubber from getting dusty.

Due to ping pong’s reliance on rubber, which can be damaged and ruined by dust,

I recommend Stiga’s Ping Pong paddle and ball holder as one of the best ping pong paddle and ball holders.

Additionally, it is inexpensive, so you can spend more money on paddles, rubbers, and balls instead of buying expensive paddles and ball holders.

The goal is to organize your ping pong accessories and keep the playroom neat so that you can choose any of these.

This keeps paddles and balls off of furniture and the floor.

You can use any of these as a way to organize your table tennis materials so that you can play anytime.

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